Free eBook Download Unbounce Template - Healthy Eating

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Healthy lifestyle is a mainstream topic of the whole spheres of life all over the world. This free ebook download Unbounce template was created specially for people who white on diet and nutrition topics - whether it happens online or in print. For sure, this theme is good for any kinds of free eBooks distribution purposes. The only difference is in images that are used in the design. When buying this Unbounce template you get all the images as well. Photos and images can be used for your personal or commercial purposes - you don't need to buy additional ones.

Features of this Unbounce template:

  • Sticky (fixed) header - it remains visible all the time while visitors scroll up and down the page;
  • The simplest contact form ever with the only field (you can customise the form  at your liking);
  • Awards sections - these 3 icons (400px*400 px) are also included in the product pack;
  • Mobile version of the landing page;
  • Form confirmation dialog (mobile and desktop versions).